The Odom Wedding

Wow, y'all. That one word just about wraps up this GORGEOUS wedding from Saturday! Sydney and Cardo were married at The Rustic Barn in Canton, TX, and it was just the PERFECT venue for their ceremony and reception. 

This wedding had it all: a beautiful bridal party, sprawling grounds, a YETI groom's cake, nae-naeing 8-year-olds and most importantly...SO much love! 

The day started with gifts: a Little Black Book chock full of Sydney's boudoir photos (the look on his face says it all!) and a watch for Cardo, and a pendant made of diamonds and gold from the couple's mothers' and grandmothers' jewelry for Sydney (aaaand commence tears).

The two finished getting ready, and had their first look. Cardo, as predicted, lost it at the sight of his beautiful bride! Sydney's father had the same reaction at seeing his little girl in her dress for the first time. 

It was a chilly day, but everyone was in high spirits when the ceremony began. With smiles on their faces, Sydney and Cardo took communion, said their vows and were officially MARRIED! The party was kicked off with some absolutely incredible cake...and of course, the Fightin' Texas Aggie War Hymn (whoop!)

One of the highlights of the wedding was the father-daughter dance; Sydney and her dad got down and jammed to a medley of Jump On It, Bye Bye Bye, Juju On That Beat and My Girl. It was so much fun and such a surprise for the guests! Everyone hit the dance floor after, and partied the night away!

The big finale was a sparkler exit for Mr. and Mrs. Odom, and to a chorus of cheers, Cardo dipped Sydney and kissed her on their way outa fitting ending for this fun, utterly in love couple. I had a blast shooting these sweet friends' wedding, and I can't wait to see what their future holds. Congrats, y'all!