The Johnson Wedding

May 27, 2017 was an incredible day to have a wedding! Melissa and Dustin became man and wife, and two families came together as one! Downtown Wilmington (as you probably all know) is absolutely one of my favorite places, and shooting my first wedding there was a dream come true. The venue was perfect (that floral chandelier is to die for!), the food was perfect (pizza, y'all), and of course, the company was perfect. 

When the light was juuuust right, we explored the pier and the sweetest little part of downtown Wilmo. The Johnsons are from Raleigh, so they've never experienced a walk by Kilwin's, where the fudgey, decadent smell literally brings people in the door! It was just one of the sweet (no pun intended) moments we experienced...a Sit n' Sip cart also cheered them on as we adventured! It was such a blast!

Melissa and Dustin--I wish you the happiest future together! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.